Diversions of non-stereotypical wardrobes with sliding doors
The idea of sliding doors reached Europe only in the second half of the 19th century and gave rise to completely different conception of an original interior. The ancient Japanese invention - sliding interior walls - allowed to easily connect and dismantle different housing areas, to create a hall or a few small isolated rooms, moving from one room to another. Sliding external walls and internal dividing walls allow you to easily change the home environment, depending on the mood, or to direct it to different parts of the world: face different types of gardens staying at home, enjoy the variety of natural forms. The representatives of the early European modernism field, admiring the original decision, began to plan the space in such a way, so that the spaces with different usages would constitute a coherent totality respecting the different roles of those spaces. Japanese house screens served as walls, doors and partially as windows. It has become a great model, according to which in our days, when space is often a luxury, interior is developed.
Today, when the sliding system solutions seem to be no surprise, the possibilities are still unexhausted. According to the director of Private Limited Liability Company “Gobana” Dainius Veisas, we should essentially change the approach to sliding doors and dividing walls. This is not a separate piece of furniture disconnected from the space, this is an interior design solution, in harmony with other elements.
How would you describe the function of the wardrobes with sliding doors?
Not long time ago our cramped flats were reigned by typical – heavy, dark, loaded with things – furniture modules. Thus housing which should have facilitated a life of a person, had become a furniture storage. The rapidly changing and improving quality of life, perception of aesthetics, technology development forces to look at ordinary things in a new way.
Wardrobes with sliding doors are not new to anyone today, and all of us had to face them in one or another way. However the very idea requires us, the producers of such systems, to use the originality of this decision. Sliding doors should stand out with clear logic, functionality, practical division of space – these criteria apply to the design of modern residential houses and interior decoration. We believe that by offering our services, we offer not a separate product, but the solution – part of the interior. Only such an approach may enable the creation of the original solution, corresponding to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the customer. The dialogue between the manufacturers of such systems, clients and architects or designers creating the interior is therefore extremely important. We always try to participate in the creative process, help in choosing the best solution, and to form a comfortable and aesthetic space. At the beginning the specialists of the interior were pleasantly surprised by our services and now “Gobana” specialists are more and more entrusted to embody their visions and ideas.
What should be taken into account before implementing a specific decision?
Often the customer already has his own vision and comes into our salon with basic drawings, but we always try to attend the creation process, offer the most rational decisions. We visit the rooms, in which the wardrobe is being planned to be installed, combine it with the prevailing colours, size of space, and so on. The original decision can always be implemented in an interior of any style, it is just needed to look at the idea uncasually, to understand properly the decision options, and to start the dialogue between the customer and the professionals (producers, designers) creating the interior.
The ability to listen to customer’s needs is crucial, but our professional judgment is equally important. Under no circumstances should there be pandered in order to attract customers; it is necessary to focus on the aesthetic and functional solution. We always try to argumentatively and reasonably direct the customer to the most appropriate way. The implementation of customer’s needs, rather than cost savings must become a major task. The interior is often being created from individual parts, with respect to the form, but then a single style is rarely obtained. In this case, the elements are linked only by formal relations. However, all interior elements, as well as the wardrobe should be closely related to each other and complement each other. It is important to emphasise the properties of the materials used, observe the principles of simplicity and naturalness. In designing it is appropriate to maintain the principle of continuous blocks of architecture, with respect to the scope of things, thus creating an impression of lightness and grace. For example, furniture in the traditional Japanese interior was being replace by several niches in the wall. Niches on both or one side has had a function of a wardrobe. These niches have been finished in very different ways: using the sliding door as well as the open and artistically displayed shelves. Japanese have been keeping clothes, necessary things and scarce bed accessories in those niches. These principles were based by the initiators of the sliding doors and partitions, but they are also relevant in the development of contemporary, modern interior. By the way, the so-called Japanese-style wardrobes with ivory colour accessories and cognac colour profiles as well as other oriental motifs are still popular among the consumers of our country too.
Is the approach to such system capabilities changing?
It is still often the case that clients with a description of their needs, identify only the usual traditional known to all materials: blunt, imitation of wood chips, and steel profiles. It is forgotten that there are many other materials and solutions embodying an individual space. Of course, there are interiors, where the said decisions are suitable, but there is no need to follow the criterion of “the old - the good” when we can offer a dozen of other solutions. Not to mention the fact that pursuing the cheapest solutions, the proper result will never be achieved, the rule “stingy pays twice” is confirmed in this area. First of all everything has a role, and only then an object becomes a focus. Each decision must be rational, all things in the room should have a clear position. It is therefore important that the long-standing, stereotypical approach to the constituent part of the interior would be exceeded.
Are the sliding systems enabling to improvise?
As for aesthetics, we offer a very wide range of solutions, so there are no limits for improvisation. To produce wardrobes with sliding doors a wide range of materials can be used – wood imitation, natural veneer, glass, mirrors, wallpapers, photo printing, as well as different types of profiles. Everything depends on the customer’s perception of aesthetics, space purpose, and the prevailing style of the interior, it is essential that this will help to create an individual space. In my opinion, chasing standards for the lower cost of the implementation of decisions is not appropriate. Both the customer and the manufacturers of such systems should remain satisfied with the end result. Price is not considered as the most important criterion during the implementation of orders.
Our task – to produce a high quality product, to help shape the overall aesthetics, to create a different approach to the client, offer a modern solution and, without doubt, do the most meticulous job. Already today we can be proud of more than one unique project, hotel “Klaipeda” being one of which, in my opinion, worth to be mentioned. This is a representative object of the city of Klaipeda, which we are certainly proud of. In my opinion, it is important not to make the architectural expression primitive in the interior creation. Area should be subject to the integrity and sustainability criteria, expressed not in a form of denial, but the development of a clear geometric or organic volume details. Our company has quite a lot of experience to meet customers’ expectations. We can only be glad that today the name “Gobana” is being associated with quality for clients, architects and designers. We offer not an object, not a wardrobe, but the solution – a functional space, practicality and modern design.
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